Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meeting with ALF Administrator shows some quick results.

Five days ago I met with the ALF administrator and outlined my concerns in detail; already I see an improvement in Mom's care plans. I began my discussion by telling the Administrator that the request of Mom's physician to move Mom was forcing me to talk with her. The Administrator responded very positively to me. Over all, she claimed that more training was required for all the aides. I agreed but also said that the shear number of residents required MORE aides. At some point it becomes a matter of safety.

I tried to be tactful, to site specific examples, names and dates. This approach was well received. She took the complaints about the food in stride and said most residents complain about it because it's one of the few things that people feel they can control. Food likes and dislikes are also quite different across people so each person is bound to have some complaints at some point.

The personnel matters I described were another matter completely. As a project manager, the behavior I saw on the part of the LPNs and RN indicate that there is an antagonistic relationship building and that the LPNs have no desire to work as part of a team. It's a hard thing to tell someone - that their direct reports are manipulative shirkers - and that I believe it stems primarily from having TOO MUCH WORK TO DO. Two LPNs to coordinate meds and doctors orders and one RN to over see treatment is just TOO few staff to safetly monitor 170 to 180 people. Some time, someone, some where will fall through the cracks. I just hope that the victim does not suffer needlessly. Until we can move our Mom, we need a strategy to ensure Mom receives quality care.

I, my brother, his wife and daughter realize that we must ensure that Mom doesn't fall through the cracks. We hope to plan our schedules so that at least one of us visits daily for the next couple of months. By then we hope a single room opens at the smaller assisted living residence. I hope this new approach will suit her physician and give him some confidence that Mom is getting good care.