Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great site for special needs clothes!

Find clothes is so hard for mom now that she's weakened due to arthritis.   I just came across this site when I searched for clothes for a "dowagers hump"...  Though some of the things are spendy, I think there are some good options here - especially for easy-on slippers.   I will also look at the clothes in depth to see if I can modify any of mom's existing cloths for easier dressing (think off and on) or just to look better in general.

The name of the online store is Silverts, found here:

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Grandpa came through - sort of...

Update on my last post of March 30 - my friend grandfather WAS as sharp as we expected.   "G" went to his bank to advise them of this death and look for outstanding checks. She learned she was his one and only beneficiary on several accounts.  She has also been in touch with insurance carriers who advise her that she is the beneficiary of those accounts as well - it's enough to put her two youngest kids through college and start a nice retirement nest egg for herself.    

The two things Grandpa did not take care of - the title to his trailer home and brand new Lincoln  - will require that she go through probate in the state where he lived and died.   The attorney tells her that it will, by law, go to her father but she's okay with that.   She was so appreciative for the savings and insurance that she will not argue over these assets.   In the end, she almost feels sorry for her father because of what he missed not knowing his dad.  She's taking the high road and I'm proud of her.  I'm sure her Grandpa is too.