Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shoes and clothes actually MADE for mom!!

Finding clothes and shoes - especially SHOES!! - for Mom has become really difficult.   Often I have to run to several different places getting one item at each store.  I finally found a catalog called National, that has all kinds of comfy and practical shoes for Mom as well as clothes she finds attractive.  She has arthritis in both feet but one is worse and  made wider by bunions. To fit her well, I'd have to buy two different size shoes.  National has shoes with velcro closures that also open really wide to get off and on easily.   This enables her to get her own shoes off and on - THAT makes her feel more capable -  anything that makes her feel capable is terrific!

I find their clothing rather conservative but they have a variety of suits, house coats and easy-dressing tops and pants. National also has stuff that I might consider "old lady" products - old fashioned girdles, plain white garter belts, large size bras that close in front, sleeping caps and shawls with pockets!  While I wouldn't wear these (not yet), I can see where these would be helpful to my mom or to women with her limitations.
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Catalog with sentimental things for mom (me too)

Mom often longs for familiar things from her childhood and trying to find them is really difficult if not impossible.  I did find one catalog, Vermont Country Store, that has a lot of things that she enjoys.  I found licorice, ribbon candy, soap and other things that bring back warm memories of her youth.   I've even found some things that I find useful and enjoy - a hand cranked food mill, replacement lids for pans, glasses.... all kinds of stuff.  I find that I like to get a catalog first then browse through the web site.   I also take the catalog to Mom in case there's anything she might want to order.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The catalog every caregiver needs....

Need things that make your elders life easier?  There is a one-stop shopping location: Gold Violin.  They have all kinds of things  - from clothing to safety items to transport chairs with wheels - that make your elders life easier and safer.   I originally began looking for small items that would help mom continue to do things she always did - like can openers or door handles. As she aged we needed more specialized items like hand holds for tubs or chairs for a bathtub.   You'll find this and more  in this catalog.   I can't recommend it enough.  If nothing else you'll see what's out there and you can take it to your local pharmacy to see what they can help you find.

Note:  The link below is repaired after a kind reader let me know I used the wrong URL.  ;)

On line, you'll find them at this Gold Violin site or
There's also a toll free number if you wish to order a catalog:  877-648-8400
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