Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mom's birthday - another guilty day for me...

I spent all of September 23 feeling terribly guilty. It was Mom's 89th birthday and I could not be with her. I sent flowers, I sent a gift and my brothers and their families were with her but I still felt bad. I called Mom after her breakfast and she was really upset. She wanted to have breakfast and sit over coffee talking with FAMILY. She misses all of us; she misses my Dad; she misses her mother, her aunts and siblings. Unfortunately, those of us that are left just can't be with her everyday. We talked for more than an hour - well, she talked, I listened and tried to reply but she can't hear well on the phone. It just made her feel good to know that a family member was on the other end.

I have day dreams of having a home in her town where I could bring her for the day or an over night stay but that won't happen. I don't have the money for a second home or the luxury of living where ever I wish. I would do it if I could because I know how much it means to her. All I can do is call often and tell her when I'll visit next and then visit her every day when I am near by. I know there are many others out there in the same situation so I know that I'm in good company- good guilt ridden, well meaning company.