Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kids gloves make Mom's wheels feel better...

Since Mom's been using a wheelchair she complains that her hands hurt from using the wheels to guide herself around.  Her hands are also dry and her skin is smooth, it's actually "slick" and hard to hold the wheels on the chair.   She's asked for "kid" leather driving gloves over and over but I'm hard pressed to find those.  She remembers them from the 40's and 50's when she still drove.

I finally found the remedy in the Christmas department of my local Fred Meyer store - grey knit gloves with rubber gripping "snowflakes on them.   The snow flakes are supposed to be decorations on the back of the gloves but putting them on the palms made all the sense for my mom.   Now she has something that protects her hands AND helps her grip the wheels much better.   I had to make one alteration.  I cut the fingers off so she can still feel things easily and hold her pends for her crossword puzzle.

What can I use to help mom's grip on her wheel chair.