Saturday, February 4, 2012

Follow up on epidural for pain after broken sacrum

Mom suffered a broken sacrum just about one year ago but now she's relatively pain free and we're so thankful.  Mom's broken sacrum caused excruciating severe pain for several reasons - it's in a location that is the base of the body's core so key nerves pass through the sacrum.  The break was near the sciatic nerves, those that pass from the spine down into the legs.  The area was bruised which means broken capillaries; the problem is that nerves HATE blood and send pain signals to the brain in response to blood.  So - broken bones, swelling pushing the bones into sciatic nerves and the presence of blood around the nerves was just unbareable. Now mom's relatively pain free but she is much more bent and has no strength in her legs at all.  she can no longer roll over in bed either but that's probably safer since she can't roll out of bed.

Mom's doctor treated her with a combination of drugs and the miracle epidural right in the nerves.  She had immediate relief.  A year later, she still has a pain patch and takes a certain pain medication that works specifically on "nerve pain".  I don't know what that means or what it does but I don't care - Mom's pain free.  If it turned her hair purple, we would not care - anything is better than the torture she suffered last year.

Cause of pain due to broken sacrum,