Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cold feet DO sweat and still require preventive powder

I've noticed an odd thing about Mom's feet over the past few years - they always seem cold yet she still seems to get athlete's foot fungus between her toes.  It seems odd that cold feet would sweat enough to release moisture that would enable growth of fungus but it happens.   Her feet are in pretty good shape these days because the aides apply non-talc powder to her feet each morning.   They also try to apply power to other locations that may retain moisture - under arms, breasts, behind her knees.   It seems to work very well.  It's a preventive measure to ensure the fungus doesn't start to grow.   It helps ensure dryness to existing fungus may be "healed" by the body - though the chance it will return always exists.  

I've definitely noticed that non-talc powder is easier on Mom's skin.  When we used spray foot powder and talc or talcum powder at home Mom's skin remained red and peeled.  Switching to non-talc powder, or corn starch, the redness disappeared and peeling stopped virtually overnight. 

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