Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day from a distance

Mother's Day has come and gone but my guilt over not being with Mom on Mother's Day remains. I sent flowers two days ahead, mailed a card and called the day before but I've not called for three days....

I've not called because I just have so much to do and I know I'll hear the same thing over and over. The call is not for me but for Mom and I must remember that. She needs the phone call to keep her engaged and to feel loved and appreciated.

I'm sure she had a big day on Sunday. My sister-in-law and niece were making plans to take Mom out for the day to a big family meal. She was looking forward to it and I know they made it a nice day for her. It's a relief to know they'll make sure Mom is okay and gets to feel special and I appreciate their thoughtfulness. If I thank them for things like that they look at me as though I'm weird, like "what else would we do?". We all just do those sorts of things for our parents; it's expected. It would not occur to them to leave her out. I hope I remember to tell them just how special it is to make that effort.