Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mom's party is a hit; old friends made her feel remembered and loved

As I planned Mom's birthday party I really worried that there was no one left to come but I was wrong.  I'm SO GRATEFUL that I was wrong!!!   We held it at her church so a few of those people attended, then a couple of her cousins came from out of town and some old neighbors just happened to be in town on the same weekend.  After the cake and ice cream we all went to her house for a family meal.  More neighbors came from down the street and made it a special evening. 

Mom was thrilled to see them all.  I felt bad that it was a relatively short open house, only 4 hours and she only had a few minutes with each person;  she would have loved more time to visit.  However, I have names and addresses now so we can go to see them!!   And I WILL take her.   She has different memories and stories to relate with each one of those people.  And, what nice people they are!!  

Mom's lived in the same town since 1936 and the same house since 1943.  Decades!!  I can't say that I've lived in one place that long.  I worry that I won't have the long-time friends and relationships like she's had.  While I wouldn't trade my experiences for much of anything, I envy her stability.  She and my dad created a satisfying life in the same place. They were involved in their community and made lasting relationships; they were - they ARE - respected.   They might not have had lots of money, didn't travel or have expensive toys but they had something much more precious.