Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feeling bad and Mom acts like "mom" to make me feel better

After my pity party yesterday, Mom did her motherly best and made me feel much better about everything. I did not tell her that I was frustrated, hurt, angry - all of that emotion I felt yesterday. I called her to discuss a doctor appointment and we chatted about some clothes that I sent last week. She thanked me and then got choked up and said, "I looked around yesterday and counted up all the things you've done to meet all my needs and make me comfortable. Have I said 'thank you?' You know I appreciate all of it and I hope you'll let me reimburse you."

That was all I needed to completely turn around my state of mind. Next week I might feel bad again, but her simple recognition today will last a long, long time. Of course, I won't take her money - unless it's for something big like a wheelchair or walker - those are beyond my budget. For a few clothes, some goodies, type writer ribbon - I can't take her money. I got some love today and that's enough!