Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The wheelchair milestone - Mom's got mixed emotions

After two rounds of physical therapy (PT)  Mom's therapist (also PT) finally called to discuss a wheel chair with me.  I agree that is necessary but know that the idea will depress my Mom.  She's already embarrassed to use a walker - which we use like a wheel chair anyway - so using a wheel chair will be confirmation that she is unable to move on her own. 

That said, I'm hoping for the best  but won't be surprised if the wheel chair gathers dust.  I hope it will enable her to be more mobile on her own, to get out and visit with other residents instead of waiting to be invited or be helped to the social room.Mom's hands are very weak and her fingers are deformed from arthritis so grasping the wheelchair to roll the wheels forward will be tough.   The PT will work with her to push with her arms and pull with her feet to manipulate the wheelchair.   This sounds great in theory but I have other questions:
  • Can Mom easily get herself in and out of the wheel chair to other chairs and the toilet? 
  • Will she decide it's too much hassle and time then just continue to sit alone?
  • She has an "urgent bladder" and often can't wait to go.  I know she'll move slow in this thing so can she make it on time and if she doesn't will she stop using it because of that?
It all makes me feel so bad for my mom - she's a prisoner of her body and her bladder.   Ugh!  So, I'm hoping for the best but not expecting much.  I hope Mom will surprise me... PLEASE MOM!! SURPRISE ME - it's all for your own sake.