Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Medicaide letter confuses but ALF clears it all up...

We received a letter from Medicaide that said Mom's aid level was about $390 a month.  It's good news that they processed it so quickly but I still have questions.   The letter arrived at my mothers house where my brother lives so he read it to me.   He's not very patient so I didn't ask him to read it over and must trust him when he says "it's a short letter and there's no other discussion or facts." 

Luckily, the director of Mom's ALF called this morning to tell me about the information they received from Medicaide.  She was very clear about the details, and long story short: Adding Mom's income and Medicaide, she will be $1125 short each month for her rent.  Since we paid her rent for January, that total amount is considered a credit with the ALF.  We'll divide that balance by two and use it to pay for January and February.  Come March, Mom will have to share a room.   Her room is already very small so they will try to move her to a larger room.  I expressed concern about mean or aggressive roommates and she assured me they will work with us to find someone who mom will enjoy.  I am also concerned that the room will be too crowded.  Nearly all of the residents have walkers, so with two beds, two walkers or wheel chairs and a couple of rockers or recliners and the room will be chock full!   I HATE that she has to share a room but she complains about lack of company so perhaps it will be good for her.

Now more work for me - getting things set up on direct deposit for pension checks, payment of rent and payment of pharmacy bills.   Ugh!