Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post vacation - Big "whew" as Mom seems great

After three weeks of vacation out of state I was anxious to see Mom and was relieved to find her very well and content.   I spent more than two hours with her catching up on things she reads in the paper, her friends and sharing stories from our travels.   

One concern continues with Mom:  How long do I have to stay here?  She means the nursing home of course... My answer is always the same:   Well, you can't be at home and you need more help than an assisted living facility can offer.  This is the safest place for you right now... then I ask about something she's read in the paper or if she's talked with a certain friend lately.  This tactic seems to work well for now and I hope it will be enough next time and the next and the next. 

Mom seems more content in this nursing home. She's willing to ask for help and willing to stick up for herself if she feels things aren't right.   I think the time in assisted living actually made her MORE willing to request help and let the aides know when she's unhappy about her treatment.   Sharing a room seems good for her too -  even though she always insists she needs a room of her own.   She has table mates that are alert and able to carry a conversation.  She made a friend in a lady that was there to recouperate from a stroke.  I am concerned though if her friend is able to move to assisted living or home with her family.  Who will take her place at the dining table?

Ah well... we'll just have to work on that matter when it happens.  For now, there is spring yard work, roof repairs and cleaning to do at Mom's house, plus planning her 90th birthday celebration.   She doesn't want to do a thing but it's a milestone we can't let pass.  
Getting Mom used to nursing home how do i get mom to stop asking to go home