Monday, June 7, 2010

Financial assistance for caregivers hard to come by...

Caring for elderly parents often means financial hardships and sacrifices for the elders and their families.  In my own sphere of the world I've spent more money than I can count on travel to help my parents. My husband put a new roof on his mother's home and bought appliances as her old ones gave out.   Friends have taken their parents into their homes, paid supplemental insurance premiums and prescriptions.  Now some purchase clothing, shoes, personal care items and goodies once their parents go on medicaide.  Medicaide permits the elder to keep between $30-50 per month for personal expenses but often it's not enough even for a little splurge.

I  read articles and questions/answers on and just noticed that they have a special section specifically for care givers and finances.  See it here:  Aging Care, financial articles. Remember that financial resources for care givers are FEW, someone might find some assistance so I feel it's important to share.

Can I get paid for taking care of mom dad? Can i get paid for staying home with husband wife? Can daughter get paid for taking care of grandma grandpa grandmother grandfather? Will medicaide medicaid pay me to stay home with mother? will medicare pay me to stay at home with parent spouse?