Saturday, April 11, 2009

The decision is made.....Moving day April 15

I finally made the decision to move Mom to an assisted living facility and even set a date. Now come all of the lists that I need create to get things done and to deal with the emotions that we'll both feel. I have lists for the practical things to prepare and set up her apartment and also lists of the things we might feel and lists of strategies to handle the emotions. I'm not anal retentive or a control freak, it's just how I deal with things. I try to anticipate and then be prepared.

Last evening while gently telling her that the movers will arrive next Wednesday to take most of her things she was concerned about the long term. She's not prone to dramatics but bowed her head, talking and sighing at the same time, "Will I have to be there (big inhale) forever..?" She nearly moaned the word "forever"; it really made my heart heavy. No, I promised. And I mean that. If she hates it, I'll find another solution. I have no idea what that is but I'll find something.

As we get ready for next Wednesday, here is a list of my lists:
- things we need to do at her home so she feels okay leaving it
- things to take to the apartment, sentimental and practical items she needs to feel comfortable
- things to buy for her; that enable her to some things for herself (
- people to notify of the move

Now the questions:
- How does the new facility get her meds and how and when do I pay for it?
- Are they willing to use her existing pharmacy?
- Will they give her snacks with her meds to help her avoid heartburn?
- Can i spend the night in her room if she needs
- How do I make them all understand the symptoms of an approaching seizure?