Monday, April 6, 2009

My reason for blogging? It's personal....

I didn't want to blog. I have little time to write on a regular basis. So why do it? Because I can not easily find this type of information in a format that helps me; I assume others are in the same boat.

What do I want: I want some practical ideas to make my Mom's environment safer and easier for her. I need ideas on where to look for assistance for her. I want to know if my feelings are normal and what others are feeling as they go through the same things. By blogging I hope to create a space where others can learn from my experiences and where we can share ideas and insights about helping elderly parents in a way that maintains their dignity and retains a sense of loving family.

Some back ground on me and my situation:
  • I'm a 47 married woman, born in 1962 to parents who were in their early 40's.
  • I have no kids but am close to my family - nieces, nephews, brothers, cousins.
  • Our family is greatly influenced by our Italian background. We were raised with a sense of obligation to family; something that is both a blessing and a curse.
  • As youngest, the only girl and definitely the most reliable, I always knew helping my parents would fall to me.
  • My father died 13 years ago at age 76 from cancer and Mom was his primary care giver.
  • Mom is now 88, epileptic, slow and stiff from advancing arthritis but sharp in mind and spirit.
  • She has no other health issues like diabetes that cause problems for her.
  • She lives in her own home, with modifications, but it is clear she must move soon.
I hope readers will find helpful ideas in these posts and that you will add comments about similar experiences so that others may benefit from your wisdom.