Monday, December 14, 2009

The Plunger Incident caused some waves but we'll see...

I got an email from the ALF Director a couple of days ago.   She outlined the preventive measures they put in place after the messy plunger was left in Mom's room.  It contained all of the things I wanted to see but I am dubious. It's because I must rely on others judgement and sense of responsibility to help my mom and NO ONE will take as good care of her as I would.  

I fear what will happen - or really, what won't happen - when I'm not there to keep an eye out.   I wonder if they ensure she knows about the  nail spas, the music and singers that come to entertain and if they help her to the living room where she can have coffee and visit. 

My family and I are committed to keeping an eye out. We'll coordinate with each other and we'll report any problems to the state next time.  But, they don't visit as often as they should and I can't be there more than a week at a time, so what happens when we're not there?  What happens when she's on her own?  I spoke to a couple of the regular aides and they said they will try to keep an eye on her and on the other aides who might not care as much.   It's something - I hope for their good intentions to come true.  It's all I can do until I can get there again.