Thursday, January 28, 2010

That call we dred - something's wrong with Mom and I can't get there...

My brother called this afternoon and I knew it was probably something bad.   He doesn't call unless there's something wrong or he has an important question.   Long story short, Mom was on her way to the hospital and he was going with her.  He and my niece, his daughter, had been at the ALF with Mom for a few hours and they decided to take her to the hospital.  I'm waiting now for him to call me after he speaks with the doctor.

Things began this morning when they got a call that Mom didn't feel well and she wanted him or his daughter to come stay with her.   Mom  was feeling really anxious; we're always concerned about this because it means she's prone to a grand mal seizure.  The ALF gave mom another of her anti-seizure meds but it progressed to numbness on her left side anyway.  Mom didn't experience shaking or loose consciousness but she also didn't improve so after an hour they called an ambulance and away she went. 

I am worried about Mom but know that my brothers and their family will do all they can for her.  Her physician warned me that her epilepsy would change as she aged so other hospitalizations are expected but that does not make it easy to get this call.  I WANT to be there.  I want to help comfort my Mom but I'm on vacation on the other side of the country.  I just can't get there easily and I'm worried and feeling bad.   If I hear that there's something else wrong, that it's not a seizure that will pass, then I'll get on the next available plane.   I can't be worried about the cost or the timing, I'll just GET THERE.