Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mom's better and new teeth are in the works

After several days of illness, Mom is on the mend; her teeth however, are gone for good.    After calling for several days, I finally got her on the phone today and she sounds much much better. I am so relieved.   They have not found her bottom denture so we assume it was tossed into the garbage.   The social worker at the nursing home will make an appointment with the denturist, arrange to get her there in their van and tell me whom to call about payment.   I used to feel pressure to make all of Mom's appointments and then be there to go with her - I've given that up.  These facilities - assisted living & nursing homes - are getting paid REALLY well so they can do it.   I have decided to take FULL ADVANTAGE of their expertise.  I will ask that they arrange these sorts of things and then get Mom to the appointments.   They have the knowledge of providers in Mom's home town, they have the van with the doors and safety equipment to get her there easily.   They also have people who will go with her if I or other family cannot make it.   It's one less thing to stress me out and thus I can be more carefree in my conversations and visits with Mom.

I decided not to make an issue out of the missing denture because Mom was due for a new one anyway.  I believe the loss is their fault, their staff should be more aware of things like that but it's an understandable mistake.  The denture was wrapped in tissue and Mom probably didn't tell the aide what it was when she said, "please put this away...". The aid was likely more concerned about safely getting mom to bed or to the toilet since it happened while Mom had upset stomach, a cold and diarrhea. 

Old people often need dentures every few years even though they don't get them.   Without teeth the bones that make up our gums gets smaller so there is nothing there to hold the dentures in place - thus the need for all those commercials for denture goo, pads and gels - "adhesives" is the proper term I guess.  Mom refuses to use them.  She might not have a choice after this next appointment.