Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Medicaide should help but for a few months will put Mom's accounts in the hole!!

Mom just began getting Medicaide to supplement her rent for a nursing home and for a few months she won't have enough to cover all of her expenses.  I'll have to chip in about $100 a month.   Mom must pay nearly all of her income (social security and pension) to the nursing home.  She gets $30 for her personal needs and $200 for her supplemental insurance premium.   The deficit happens because Medicaide considers ALL of her social security - the grose amount BEFORE deduction of premiums for Medicare part B.   Medicaide is supposed to pay the premiums now but it takes a while for the Federal government to get the message and stop the withdrawals.   So for a few months Mom is required to pay out what she doesn't get.    I spoke with Medicaide and they said she will get reimbursed for the Medicare part B premiums but it could take 3-5 months until it's all said and done.   So, I'll make regular deposits in Mom's account and continue to make calls if it doesn't happen by July.  
Medicaide wants more than Mom dad gets Medicare premiums are still withdrawn medicare premiums put mom dad in the hole medicare premiums cause over drafts over drawn