Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lost clothes at nursing home a COSTLY pain!

Last month I noticed that two pair of Mom's pants were missing.  I alerted the staff and called social services with the brand names, size and color.  Today (3 weeks later) I called to check on it - the pants have been declared officially lost.

This REALLY ticks me off so BAD!   They can't loose the cheap sweatpants Mom wears most of the time. They have to loose the nearly BRAND NEW nice soft slacks that I bought for her last fall.    She had them at the assisted living facility but only wore them for a few special events.  I waited to take them to the nursing home because I wanted to see how she settled in..  I took them there one month ago, a week later they were MIA. I took 3 pair to her - light blue, dark blue and brown.  The dark blue and brown pair disappeared in one week.  ONE WEEK!!!  This makes me quiet suspicious.  I doubt she even had a chance to wear them.    They were a size 14, soft on the inside and out with pockets for her tissues.   They would be a good basic item in anyone's closet - obviously they are a good basic in someone else's now!!!  

The nursing home apologized of course and said they'd reimburse me replacement cost.  But replacing them is probably impossible.   First, it's middle of summer, so I can't replace these until late August or September when the fall merchandise comes in.  Second, the fabric - soft on the inside and velvety soft on the outside will be hard to find.  AND - third - pockets! Elastic waist pants with POCKETS are hard to find.  GRRRRR.... I am SO SOO MAD!!!

The social service rep that called me said "unfortunately, this happens more often than we'd like..." My reply - THEN FIX THE PROCESS!!!  Obviously something is not working so analyze it and FIX IT!!!   How much are they spending on replacement clothes?  How many angry families are out there like me? What if a family can't afford to replace the clothes?    After our conversation, I could tell I made the gal angry - I told her I was ticked but ticked at the situation NOT at her.    It didn't seem to matter.   I always get the same answer - "You could write a letter to our executive administrator.."   The Director already hates me because I gave them hell for leaving mom in an uncomfortable wheelchair for two months!!!    She hated that I was right about the pad in the chair being all wrong and letting mom slip all over.  She'll really hate me now that I all but told social services that I think someone stole mom's pants.  I should have kept my mouth shut but it's just too suspicious to me!!!