Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shoes and clothes actually MADE for mom!!

Finding clothes and shoes - especially SHOES!! - for Mom has become really difficult.   Often I have to run to several different places getting one item at each store.  I finally found a catalog called National, that has all kinds of comfy and practical shoes for Mom as well as clothes she finds attractive.  She has arthritis in both feet but one is worse and  made wider by bunions. To fit her well, I'd have to buy two different size shoes.  National has shoes with velcro closures that also open really wide to get off and on easily.   This enables her to get her own shoes off and on - THAT makes her feel more capable -  anything that makes her feel capable is terrific!

I find their clothing rather conservative but they have a variety of suits, house coats and easy-dressing tops and pants. National also has stuff that I might consider "old lady" products - old fashioned girdles, plain white garter belts, large size bras that close in front, sleeping caps and shawls with pockets!  While I wouldn't wear these (not yet), I can see where these would be helpful to my mom or to women with her limitations.
Where can in find tops for dowagers hump? shoes for arthritic feet, shoes for wide feet, easy on shoes,  easy off shoes. clothes for old ladies, house coats for old ladies, robes for old ladies