Sunday, August 22, 2010

New sink and vanity might help prevent falls...

Today I noticed that my brother is leaning on a small bathroom sink for support and I worry it's risky.  He's probably 190-210 pounds and the sink is a 40's hunk of heavy vintage porcelain that's attached to the wall with a couple of large screws.   Mom's house is pretty old and the sink wavers just a little bit when I attempt to wiggle it. Given my brothers health issues, he'll likely lean on it often and with a lot of weight.  So - it's time to replace the sink with a vanity and lighter porcelain that will support his weight.

So - we'll add that to our "safety list":  remove old sinks and those with pedestals that might topple when leaned on.  The idea of a heavy porcelain sink falling onto my brother or my elderly Mom is just horrific!

how can i make the bathroom safer for mom? safer bathrooms for elderly