Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday party is a family affair - THANK GAAWWDD!!!

Mom's 90th birthday party is taking a little more coordination, planning and buying than I expected. But - I salvation - COUSINS!!... and my husband.    I'm blessed to have the kind of family who, when invited to anything, immediately asks, "What can I bring?"  Instead of asking for things, I asked for their time. Which at this point is much more important to me.  I'm also blessed to have the kind of husband who, when told about the party is brilliant enough to show up, shut up and do what he's told!

Dan will help me run around all day Thursday and Friday cleaning house, making food, picking up cakes and flowers.  He'll help me place table clothes, decorations and chairs... and I know he won't yell or fuss at me because he knows there's a lot to do -  he might give me a little attitude but it's generally all in fun.  We've been married long enough now that we sort of compliment each other when we're preparing to have people over or fixing something. 

I know getting Mom dressed will take at lest 30 minutes longer than I expect and her hairdresser will be there at 11am to touch up her hair.  I asked a cousin to go to the party early and start coffee and make punch before we arrive.  She'll also bring a couple of side dishes for a family meal afterward.  Other cousins are coming to the party and will help clean up.  My sister in law will arrive early to great guests if we're late getting to the church hall. 

I've made a schedule of things to do on Thursday and Friday so we can do our errands in "loops" instead of running back and forth from stores to church and stores to the house again.  I'm excited for the party but mainly excited to get help from FAMILY.  It means so much to know they'll help when needed.  They are a blessing and I MUST remember to tell them so!!  I hope I'm a blessing in return..