Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There's a special place for those who steal from nursing home residents!

Hell has a special place for those creeps who steal from nursing home residents!!!  And, trust me - it will be FULL!!

I already wrote about Mom's brand new go-with-everything pants in brown and navy - but I have two new examples to gripe about.  Mom's roomate is a sickly little gal who is getting sicker all the time.  She is a dwarf and has suffered from physical problems and constant pain all her life. She has no family and has very few personal possessions so when something goes missing she is especially distressed and hurt.  She has no way to go looking for it and no money to replace it.   One of her favorite things was a quilt made JUST for her by a friend of her long-dead mother.  It was white with embroidered red roses and red bands between the white fields of flowers.   She went out of town for a biopsy and it was gone from her bed when she returned.  The aides gave her their standard answer, "It must be in the wash.."  Any dope would know you don't "wash" a handmade RED quilt!!!   Three days later it was still missing and she was quite upset.  She cried and cried.  I felt so very bad since there was nothing I could do.    She has NOTHING! - nothing to her name -  just this one thing that made her feel loved and remembered and it's gone.   She also told me that she is missing a few dollars but that is all secondary to her quilt. 

Another resident  - who is on medicaide and receives $40 per month for "personal" needs - told me through tears how her DVDs disappeared while she was away for an appointment.   She had saved and gone without things for months and months to buy a few movies to watch on a borrowed DVD player and now it's all gone.  Someone had to have known when she was out and gone in to her room to take them.   They knew just where to look, only the DVDs were missing, nothing else was disturbed.   If I had the money, I'd buy replacements for her AND a locking cabinet for her closet so her things would STAY PUT. 

I am flabbergasted that anyone could be so very LOW DOWN and  evil that they'd steal from such vulnerable people.   Often nursing home residents have nothing; their homes are sold off, furniture given or donated away and friends and pets long gone.  Some don't have enough room to hang a photo or put  a chair near their bed.  To take things from them is the WORST sin possible.