Sunday, June 27, 2010

The catalog every caregiver needs....

Need things that make your elders life easier?  There is a one-stop shopping location: Gold Violin.  They have all kinds of things  - from clothing to safety items to transport chairs with wheels - that make your elders life easier and safer.   I originally began looking for small items that would help mom continue to do things she always did - like can openers or door handles. As she aged we needed more specialized items like hand holds for tubs or chairs for a bathtub.   You'll find this and more  in this catalog.   I can't recommend it enough.  If nothing else you'll see what's out there and you can take it to your local pharmacy to see what they can help you find.

Note:  The link below is repaired after a kind reader let me know I used the wrong URL.  ;)

On line, you'll find them at this Gold Violin site or
There's also a toll free number if you wish to order a catalog:  877-648-8400
Where can i find products for my elderly arthritic mom?  where can i find products for arthritis? where can i find products for aging in place? where can i find bathtub aides? where can i find bathtub safety products? where can i find bathroom safety products